Landscaping Contractor Tips in Taking Care of Begonias

Begonia Maintenance Instructions

These tropical plants are primarily raised as annuals outside in the summer or as indoor houseplants in milder climes. Landscapers frequently use them in outdoor container arrangements because of their vibrant blooms and foliage. Although begonias are typically not difficult to grow or maintain, it is crucial to know which type you have so that you can give it the right care. Begonias generally appreciate frequent watering, well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter, indirect sunlight or shade, and regular watering. To remove faded flowers, they require routine deadheading. These are some methods that landscaping contractors use to take care of them.


A rich, porous soil that is a little acidic is ideal for begonias. Begonias thrive in peat-based soils with lots of organic matter, particularly leaf mold. Effective drainage is crucial. The simplest potting mixture, like the one for African violets, would do.

Humidity and Temperature

Temperatures between 65 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit should always be maintained for the best indoor begonia growth. Although fibrous begonias placed in the garden will eventually start to go dormant once the nights and days become colder, they should be fine with cool late summer evenings. Begonias prefer some humidity—roughly 50%—since they are tropical plants. Provide a saucer of water close to your begonia or use a humidifier in the space to keep the plant healthy and hydrated in homes with dry winter air.


Once a week, give your begonia a thorough watering and wait until the top half inch of soil is dry before watering again. Begonias shouldn’t be overwatered because doing so can cause root rot.


In pots, tubercular begonias require some sunlight, but only a little is sufficient. Indirect light is ideal for begonias when grown indoors. Garden-planted wax or fibrous begonias will reliably bloom in the shade or some shade. The delicate petals could wilt or the colors could fade from too much direct sunlight.

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