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The exterior landscaping is composed of soft landscape features like trees, plants, grass, shrubs, and more. Of course, these landscape features need proper and consistent maintenance. Applying mulch is one of the methods you can consider in maintaining your landscape. However, this task requires proper knowledge and skills. No need to worry as you easily rely on our professional landscaper of D & F Lawn & Landscaping, Inc.. Because of our experts, your landscape will surely get the utmost care it needs. What are you waiting for? Visit us in Fort Lauderdale, FL today!

Importance of Mulching

Mulch has two types that are made from organic and inorganic materials. They are both beneficial to your garden. Organic mulch provides nutrients to the soil because they slowly decompose. They are the reason why micro-organisms like earthworms attract to reside in your kind of soil. Because of mulch, it stops the weeds to grow and germinate. During the summer and winter season, no need to worry about your plants and trees because mulches will protect them from freezing and drying. By hiring our professional mulching services, your soft landscape features will surely receive the advantages of mulch.

Why Turn to Us

Yes, there is the right amount of mulch that must installed in your garden and trees. If you apply too much mulch, this is not good. For proper installation of mulch, call our skilled and highly trained landscapers. We know what types of mulch would best for your garden considering the season and climate. We use the appropriate tools and equipment in handling this job. Also, we have acquired the necessary experience and knowledge for the best techniques and methods to produce a quality result.

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