How to Protect Your Property From Summer Pests

A Few Smart Landscaping Ideas to Protect Against Bug Attacks

Your lush landscape and fragrant plants attract a lot of bugs, especially during the summer. Some of them, however, can become pretty annoying. How can you combat summertime pests? Here are a few useful landscaping tips.

Flies and mosquitoes are among the worst. The first tends to contaminate your food, the other feeds on your blood. But look at the grass in your garden. Ants, especially fire ants, can be a huge problem for any property. You don’t need that kind of tenant on your property.

If you are looking for natural insect repellent, you could consider planting rosemary, lavender, mint, or basil in your yard. This will also be a smart way to rejuvenate and add color to your landscape. All of the plants from this list smell wonderful to us, but most flying insects can’t bear their scent. You should also think about speaking with a landscaper about attracting specific spiders into your garden. Spiders are wonderful creatures that eat all sorts of insects. Some of them catch their prey with webs, while others hunt them. Certain plants can attract spiders and offer them a safe place to live.

But one of the best ways to keep bothersome bugs out of your yard is to make sure you aren’t unknowingly attracting them. That means regular and proper yard maintenance. Do not leave your yard cluttered with leaves and other debris. Who knows what’s lurking beneath that decomposing foliage in the autumn? So, preventative maintenance, yard cleanups, and professional landscaping have always been the key to success. Another point is not to allow standing water in your yard. Anything that catches rainwater — a wheelbarrow, a bucket, clogged gutters — is a potential mosquito breeding ground.

There are several natural but effective ways to keep bugs away. If you need more information, D & F Lawn & Landscaping, Inc. is a reputable company available at (864) 760-8078. For lawn and overall landscape improvement, just dial our number, and our landscapers will be on the way. We are in Fort Lauderdale, FL.